The wine tells our history, inextricably linked to the territory, our passion, which created a young brand, ambitious, dynamic and innovative in an international team; our style, the “dressing up” of the bottles and intense aroma of the intoxicating nectar made from the best grapes “(Donato Giuliani, winemaker of Teanum). Our wines are the essence of the harmonic combination of a sustainable quality viticulture, the application of the most modern winemaking techniques and the extensive know-how of our winemaker; mixed with these elements and the result is six lines of wines that explain our territory. Nero di Troia, Bombino, Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Falanghina, Aglianico, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Primitivo, Negroamaro: names that evoke distant origins, tell stories of men and conquest. Expert hands look after our vines and ensure that good wine is celebrated in the glasses. Welcome to Cantine Teanum, wines of Puglia.